Car photography isn’t easy. I’ve been at this for over 15 years but if you’re looking to sharpen your skills learning from a pro is the fastest way to improve-regardless of your skill level I can help.

Level 1

On the scale of photography knowledge, on a scale of 1 to America, you’re at a 1, no problem. This is about the basics. Learning your equipment and the fundamentals, this is the foundation all photographers build their business upon. Without this key knowledge you’re behind the wheel of a car with no engine.

Level 2

You’re looking to level up. This is for shooters who understand their equipment fall in the middle of 1 to America. Shooting cars and shooting them well isn’t something you learn overnight but in this class we’ll shoot side by side with 1 to 2 cars. You’ll get to see how I run a shoot, direct the drivers and get the type of content I want. Once we’re finished shooting we’ll go immediately into editing mode. We’ll use whatever space is available to upload all the images and begin an edit. I’ll show you my workflow and setup. We’ll choose the top 10 images and walk through the entire editing process in Lightroom and Photoshop. A week or so later we’ll reconnect on a phonecall or in person to review your images. I’ll offer suggestions and critique them. The whole point of this process is to ensure that you’ve learned something. The last thing I want is for my students to leave feeling like they haven’t improved in a serious way.

Level 3

Almost to America baby. You’ve mastered your equipment, you can capture great images in any lighting, at and speed and under pressure. You’re just looking for that little extra. Off camera lighting? No problem. 40 Layer composites in Photoshop? Too easy. At this stage I tailor a class based upon your needs. Whether you want to nail panning with high speed cars every single time or pair portraits of car owners with their cars I can build a class around it. The edit and critique process will mirror level 2 exactly. My goal is to send you away feeling like you’ve made a jump in skill and ability and you’re ready to tackle the most difficult shoot anyone throws at you.

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